psensor-server is a minimalist Web server hosting a JSON Web service which allows psensor to monitor a remote computer.


psensor-server must be run on the monitored computer then run psensor on the desktop computer with the following command line:

psensor --url=server_hostname:3131

psensor-server is included in the source package of psensor.

Psensor Server Web Server

In addition to psensor, you can also use any browser to view the information of the remote computer. Just open the URL: http://server_hostname:3131.

psensor server 20120326


psensor-server does not provide any way to restrict the connection to the HTTP server, worst, no effort has been made against malicious HTTP attacks. You should make the psensor-server port available only to a network or computer you trust by using the usual network security tools of the system (for example, iptables).

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