Psensor is fully translatable, and contributions to the translation for any language are welcome.

The contributions to the translation of psensor will be licensed like the code of psensor (GPLv2).

Directly update the translation files

You can modify the .po files which are available in the GIT repository ( and send it to

First, checkout the last version of the sources:

git clone

Then, modify one of the .po file corresponding to your language in psensor/po. poedit or any text editors supporting UTF-8 can be used to edit the translation files .

Finally, send the .po file to

If the .po file does not exist for your language, send me an email, I will add it.

Use Launchpad

Currently, you must NOT use this way. Due to a bug which prevents to import GIT repository to Bazaar branch, it is impossible to synchronize the translations.

The easiest way is probably to use the Launchpad translation Web service available at:

If you did not already use it, you can read some documentation at: The LP translations are periodically merged in the Psensor source repository and systematicaly before each release.

Source code

Patch fixing bugs or adding features are welcome.

The code modification must be submitted as a patch file on the branch master of the GIT repository:

  1. Checkout the source code: git clone

  2. Modify the files

  3. Generate the patch file: git diff >/tmp/mypatch.diff

  4. Verify that it respects the coding style: make check

  5. Send the patch file by email to

If it concerns a bug which does not exist on the ‘master’ GIT branch, the patch must be done on the appropriate GIT branch:


Psensor is using 3 differents icons:

and provides icons for 3 different themes:

The status icons for Ubuntu themes have been provided by Christoph Buchner and are nice but definitively not the application icon.

Contributions to the icons are welcome for the already existent themes or others. To submit a new icon it must:

  • be an original work (not confusing with another application icons) and released under GPL v2 license.

  • use the .SVG format.

  • be sent to me by email (

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