ppastats v1.3.2

ppastats v1.3.2 has been released.

This release is fixing:

  • wrong HTML layout with Chrome and Safari (thanks to Stefan S.),
  • file descriptor leaks when a connection failure occurs with the LP server,
  • and compilation failure with newer version of the json library.

It is possible to easily install this release on Ubuntu Utopic by using the PPA:

sudo apt-add-repository ppa:jfi/ppastats
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install ppastats

The source tarball can be downloaded from http://wpitchoune.net/ppastats/files.

How to display the psensor indicator on debian/gnome-shell?

Thanks to the extension « AppIndicator Support », it is possible to benefit from the advanced features of the indicator support in Psensor when using gnome-shell. The icon turns red when a sensor is exceeding a given threshold, the current temperature of a component can be displayed directly in the top bar and the drop-down menu can show the information of all sensors.

It is very easy to use:

Obviously, it requires to use a version of psensor which has been compiled with the AppIndicator support. For Debian, it is the case for the psensor 1.0.4 package available at https://packages.qa.debian.org/p/psensor.html.

psensor v1.1.2

psensor version 1.1.2 has been released.

Most important additions and changes:

  • smoother curve drawing using Bezier algorithm (enabled by default),
  • NVidia fan, gpu usage, and memory information (with proprietary driver),
  • udisks2 support for HDDs monitoring (enabled by default instead of hddtemp),
  • free memory information,
  • UI: tab panel for sensor preferences, enable/disable sensors provider, translator credits,
  • and croatian translation.

Few bugs have been fixed.

Full list of changes are available at: http://wpitchoune.net/gitweb/?p=psensor.git;a=blob_plain;f=NEWS.html;hb=HEAD.

Source tarball can be downloaded at: http://wpitchoune.net/psensor/files.

psensor: nvidia support improvements

As it is now possible to hide the sensors in the main window, I have added new metrics for the NVidia chips. Psensor is now able to display graphics, video engine, memory and PCI bus usage. Indeed it only works if the NVidia proprietary driver is used.

Graphics usage might be useful to understand why the temperature of the NVidia GPU is high. Other metrics should be quite useless but the code was the same, so…

You can give it a try by compiling psensor from the GIT master branch.
. For Ubuntu trusty/utopic, it will be available in the coming hours in the PPA: ppa:jfi/psensor-daily-trunk.

psensor v1.1.1

psensor v1.1.1 has been released.

The settings are no more stored with GConf2. Global settings are stored with Gsettings and the sensors settings in $HOME/.psensor/psensor.cfg.

It is now possible to show or hide a sensor in the main window (sensors preferences > display sensor in the list of sensors).

Source tarball can be downloaded from http://wpitchoune.net/psensor/files.

The changes due to the settings management might introduce new bugs so it is recommended to use the last stable release v1.0.4 if you have concerns about reliability.

psensor v1.0.3 and incoming removal of GConf2 support

The version 1.0.3 of psensor has been released. It fixes few bugs.

The source tarball can be downloaded from http://wpitchoune.net/psensor/files.

The next release will use GSettings for storing global settings and a configuration file for sensor settings instead of GConf2 which has been deprecated since a couple of years. This (boring) change has made good progress and appears to work well now, only the sensor logging settings has not been ported yet. You can give it a try by using the ‘master’ branch of the source repository.