Sensors in the top bar of the desktop

I have started working on the addition of the sensors directly in the top bar of the desktop. It should work with any desktop environment supporting Ubuntu Application Indicator. It is still work on progress but you can already give it a try by compiling the dev branch of psensor.

In the sensors preferences, toggle ‘Display sensor in the label’. It also works for the CPU load or fan.

Update of the stable Ubuntu PPA for psensor

psensor v0.8.0.5 is now available in the PPA ppa:jfi/ppa for Trusty. I also updated packages for Saucy and Precise. Compared to the release, it adds alert scripts, reordering of the list of sensors, improved translations and fixes several bugs.
Note that the release is also the one which will be in the default Ubuntu repositories for Trusty because it is too late to update (package freeze).

Here is how to use it:
sudo apt-add-repository ppa:jfi/ppa
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install psensor

Psensor on Ubuntu Trusty

I discovered 2 issues on Ubuntu Trusty today.

  • Psensor cannot be compiled due to the deprecation of GtkAction. For sanity, build is failing on errors. It can be workarounded by removing the -Werror in src/

Both bugs have been fixed on the dev branch that can be retrieved from It will be part of the version which should be released soon. Until then, Ubuntu Trusty users can get packages from or PPA: ppa:jfi/psensor-daily-trunk. It also includes some translation improvements and fixes.

ppastats v1.1.0

ppastats v1.1.0 has been released.

This release introduces the caching of daily download totals which highly improve the performance, reduces the load and the risk of timeouts of the LP server. It is highly recommended to migrate to this release for PPAs with a high number of downloads.

Several bugs, and memory leaks have also been fixed.

Source tarball is available at:

ppastats: improved performance

The trunk version of ppastats introduces 2 new optimizations:

  • daily download totals older than 4 weeks are kept in the cache.
  • overall download total of packages are computed from the daily download totals instead of a sending a specific LP query.

To give it a try, compile the sources from the SVN trunk:

If you are running periodically ppastats, I am interested about the duration changes that you can observe with these optimizations. Feel free to send it by e-mail to

Psensor hangs when using the settings dialogs on Ubuntu Unity

Actually, when used on Ubuntu Unity, the settings dialogs of Psensor will freeze the application as soon as the buttons OK or Cancel are clicked

This is due to the Unity bug:

Until it is fixed, you can use the following workarounds:

  • Right click on the graphic canvas of Psensor to open the preferences dialogs
  • Turn off the global menu for Psensor by running it with the command line: env UBUNTU_MENUPROXY= psensor.